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I Am Building A Forest: Showtime!

The exhibition opening for I Am Building A Forest is in 3 days. AhhhH!

Here’ What I’ve been up to via Instagram (you fucking hipster.):

Paper Grass at the base of tree sculptures

Origami Flowers

Special Edition Prints

Lots of leaves.

Business Cards

Nifty designed dvds :)

Going from trees in m living room…

…to trees in the gallery space

Slowly coming to life.

Laying on the gallery floor, looking up

It’s so strange, and feels so GOOD to have a vision that I’ve had stuck in my head forever, come to life right in front of me. I can’t wait for the opening, I’m a wee bit nervou.

There’s almost 100 people on the guest list online, and that’s not including the hoards of people coming that don’t use the good old Bookface.

Also, a really talented painter that was part of the group show, Gretchen Stabile, just had her work taken down becasue the gallery powers that be saw her work as offensive to women, when it in fact quite the opposite. Two of the artists dropped out of the show, and ay be relocating at a nearby space. This should be interesting…

If you’d like to come to one potentially two art openings of some kick ass talented artists in the quad cities, add yourself to the guest list here.

Check out Gretchen’s work on my other blog here.

I Am Building A Forest: Completed Stop-Motion

I looked at the first blog post I wrote about the beginning of this project and realized with surprise that it was nearly 6 months ago. Time flies when you’re having fun I suppose. Below is the finished animation of my pet-project-turned-mild-obsession I Am Building A Forest.

I Am Building A Forest will be part of a larger art installation at the end of August. I still have a lot of work to do.

Fullscreen viewing is preferred to see all of the tiny details.

Any comments/likes/shares are greatly appreciated. <3

I Am Building A Forest. from meghan hollister on Vimeo.

Cats: Necessary In the Creative Process

Construction of the life size forest has begun. Duct tape, hot glue, and recycled cardboard are used to build the base of the sculpture, and then I cover the base with my stash of found book pages (I have a closet full. No big deal.)

Navi feels the need to lay directly on anything I immediately need for a project. Good cat karma? Necessary.

A slightly awesome addition to my studio:

Studio Gnomes. Also necessary.

On another note completely: I am absolutely addicted to Instagram (I have been patiently waiting). Meg on Instagram: mega7meg.

I Am Building A Forest: 9 hours, 1000 photos, and 3 Bottles of Wine Later…

The other night I spent about 6 hours pacing a 10 foot square area that is my bedroom. Or at least, my bedroom with my camera stuff, computer, and ghetto-rigged lighting setup contained within it.

It was long. It was tedious.

So I bought wine, to make it much less long and tedious. :D

The sun came up and my camera battery died (Why I’m doing a shoot like this with only one camera battery…is stupid. Lesson learned.), so I stopped. Took a nap, went to work, played some disc golf, purchased more wine, and finished shooting the remainder of the large stage that night. Shooting is almost complete! I’m sitting at about 1000 photos, with maybe three or four hundred to go.

Take a look:

No color grading was used on these photos. The set was lit with LEDs duct taped to my walls, some tripod boxes, and to the actual set out of frame. High tech and classy, I know. :D

Some photos of the process:

Stage unlit.

Main Tree/Flowers Detail: Stage Unlit

Paper Tree Detail: Unlit

Early Test Shot

Shadows On My Bedroom Wall

More coming soon. I’m afraid of the Monster of an editing project this is going to become, but the worst is over!

Can I just say this?

Watching this project come to life is simply. Amazing.

Watch my test animation on YouTube

I Am Building A Forest: Light Test

A continuation in my ridiculous adventure in stop motion animation.

Things are starting to get reeeeeeally exciting. :D A good friend of mine is well on her way to finishing the highly anticipated forest-tromping character.

And tonight (it’s about 3am, eek!) a most awesome art-music jam session was had- and we got a feel for sound- which has now developed into a song- whilst I was testing my lights with LED candles and crazy camera shenanigans.

I was basically just playing around with color, different lights, and different positions within the set, making notes along the way with what I might like to tweak later. My first light and color test, if you will! :D

Check out my first animation test on YouTueb here.

I Am Building A Forest: Animation Test.

I’m so excited I could barf. An animation test for a stop motion film project I’m working on.

This is my first stop motion…ever! So far things are going well :) Feedback appreciated.

I A Buidling A Forest.

It’s been toooo long.

It’s 3 am. I’m wide awake in my studio, finally slowing down a bit. I started a new project. :D

Trashed Ass Studio Corner

I am building a forest.

A continuation of my Illustration work (I think.)

Become 18×24″

Remember this? :)

Take papercut ink drawings. Insert found objects, old book pages, yellowed paper.

Make it 3d. Put it on a stage. Make it move. Animate the inanimate.

I am building a forest.

PS <3.

Please check out my new blog,  [starpower]*‘s progress! It’s coming along, and I’d like to hear what you think, or maybe even see some familiar names in the subscriber’s list :)

Portland Travel Video: A Precursor to a Better Camera! :D

Here is my first “travel video” if you will. :D “Supposed” to be high-definition…but that’s what happens when you record video on an HTC Evo… it is sub par. Despite the lacking quality, this was still an absolute blast to make. I can’t wait to get my new camera!! The funds will get there, eventually…

In this video you’ll see: Wicked trees. Art. Morgan Freeman with dreadlocks. Chocolate mustaches. Lawn Gnomes. Other unmentionables.

The original video is on YouTube. Thumbs up that shit. :D

Artist Talk with Anne Brown: The Live Motion Picture!

For those of you that missed Anne Brown’s artist talk, you can see a portion of it below! Filmed and edited by Yours Truly! Anne talks about her experiences as a working artist, business owner, volunteer, art enthusiast, and much more!

Don’t forget to check out The Adventure Orange’s website!

And leave a comment below!


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