Love <3 – Painting Thought Process

This painting was difficult for me. It went through many changes and many frustrations. I wish I would have taken photos of the process. This is something I would like to start doing with my paintings from now, because it is amazing at how many things change before you finally reach the final product! 

Have you ever heard of strange things popping up in old master’s paintings? If only they had recorded their process, how interesting it would be to see what happened before! What did the Mona Lisa look like before she was finished? *ponders* 

Take a look at this article I found on Digg about evidence of these changing master’s paintings– a perfect example of this! 

I reached a point where I got stuck on this painting and eventually had to sit down and thumbnail out some solutions. This tends to be the best method for me. Although I am a right brained, creative thinker, I find myself using systematic approaches to making art. When stuck on painting, make a big, obnoxious change. When stuck on composition, thumbnail one that works. When I brainstorm, I make word lists. Word webs. Organized columns of thumbnail sketches. What is this, the corporate office for electronic circuitry?! Nevertheless, it’s these methods that work. 

Word lists. Systematic Scribbles. Process for "Love" Painting.

This was the initial idea process for this painting. 

Process thumbnails for "Love" Painting

And then I got stuck…

More scribbled attempts to resolve the work...



Thumbnail process for "Love" painting

Must….solve…composition! Argh!

Almost finished! A work in progress...



 I finally ended up with a finished piece that looked something like the last thumbnail.


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