New @ Studio 2: Handmade Vintage Journals, Notebooks, and Sketchbooks

The Studio has been busy, busy, busy! We’ve had our noses in vintage hardcovers, hiding within the depth’s of Colorado Spring’s local bookstores, because we’ve been stuck on our latest project: handmade journals.

Sometimes it’s really difficult to dismantle a well-preserved, beautifully illustrated book, but the end-results are stunning! Not to mention, our inner bibliophile loves a wonderful way to give a hidden bookish gem a second life.

Take a peek at our latest finished journals and sketchbooks:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We do our best in ensuring that the handmade process is paid a wonderful tribute, as well as being executed in the best way possible. Our favorite aspects of this project: creating handmade library tag, binding some of the original book pages within the journal, as well as treasure hunting at Who Gives A Scrap in Old Colorado City for the perfect handmade paper. 🙂

Take a peek at our Etsy shop to snag one of these beauties before they disappear within the craziness of holiday retail season! (I know… it’s just as early for me as it is for you.)

And as a special Thank You, Studio 2 Design’s blog readers get 10% off of their order with the coupon code: THKU4READINGWP valid through October 18th!


Would you be interested in seeing a handmade book tutorial on the Studio 2 Design’s blog? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


3 thoughts on “New @ Studio 2: Handmade Vintage Journals, Notebooks, and Sketchbooks

  1. I would love love love to see a tutorial on this.. I have had a go at making basic notebooks with card etc – but would love to make some journals etc !

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