Gettin’ A Little Zen: Stone and Crystal Jewelry New @ Studio 2!

Making jewelry was never something that was planned. It just sort of…happened. My mom taught me the basics, and as I desired to learn more skills, I turned to the good ol’ internet for tutorials. Creating things with one’s hands has always held a distinctly satisfying feeling. One may believe that we as humans have been wired to “create” since the beginning of time.

As a child, I’ve always had an interest in stones, that carried through to my adult life. The most basic aesthetic appearance of a stone was almost magical. I remember breaking open my first geode and discovering the glittering world of wonder hidden inside what appeared to be such an ugly exterior. I have fond memories of my grandfather showing me Indian arrowheads, that he had found in the back yard, long ago.  Another time as a child, I discovered a perfectly round stone within a creek bed…“had it been a dinosaur egg at one time?”, I imagined.


What great forces within our earth conspired to create this stone? Where did it come from, and where has it been before it reached me?

If you’re a fan of the metaphysical properties of stones, that’s a whole different world altogether.

What energies come from this stone? How does this stone affect my body, and surrounding energies? How can we use these most basic energies to improve our focus, demeanor, and aura?

I’ve gotten a little zen in my preparation of the holidays, take a peek at the latest stone and mineral pieces that have arrived at Studio 2! These stones were sourced locally, from Florissant, Colorado, as well as Manitou Springs, Colorado. When these pieces find their owner, it is always very special to me.

“A stone linked to powerful personal protection, for which it has been used for millennia. Enables communication from the highest source of love. Eases feelings of negativity, as well as supports and energizes the thymus chakra over the breastbone, boosting immunity.” (Harding 122)

“Popular as a purifying crystal, helping to ward off negative influences and protect from environmental stress. (Amethyst) calms the nervous system and brain, easing headaches and migraines (as well as) enhances personal spiritual awareness, calms mental stress, and improves the quality of sleep” (Harding 169)


Hop on over to my Etsy store to see what new handmade items await! Studio 2 has added more vintage upcycled-book journals to boot, get em’ while they’re still around! 😉






Harding, Jennie. Crystals. Cincinnati: Walking Stick Press, 2007. Print.

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