About Me.

Meghan Hollister’s artwork can be described under a wide umbrella of words:  Natural. Ephemeral. Nostalgic. Green.  Rediscovered. Re-Used.  Revisited.  Tactile. From 2007-2011 Meghan honed her artistic talents at St. Ambrose University studying fine art, and illustration with a concentration in painting. In her 4 years at Ambrose, Meghan had her work published twice annually in the Midwest’s Regional journal arts publication Quercus, as well as internationally for The Flood: An International Arts and Culture Zine. Meghan never let go of her love of illustration, completing murals for Davenport Parks and Recreation, and Palmer College of Chiropractic, as well as exhibiting independently.

After graduating with her Bachelor’s in 2011, Meghan continued her to explore her professional artistic career via employment as Product Photographer, Art Educator, and Freelance Artist, working with organizations such as The Figge Art Museum, and VSA Iowa, as well as exhibiting within small venues in and around the Quad Cities’ Area.

In 2013, Meghan co-founded the Midwest’s first ecological art gallery, Zola. With a passion for design, education, and working with people, Meg decided to launch a freelance design studio that combined all of her loves: clever design with a hat-tip to traditional media. One on one creative collaboration. Customized Creation. Personal connections with clients. Unhinged Imagination.

Meghan currently lives with her cat Ponyo, and Shepherd Dog Filomena in Colorado. Meghan recently finished her Master’s in Education in 2018. Meghan works in art, k-6 education, and the Integrated Arts; she currently teaches 7th and 8th grade- sometimes in tandem, and sometimes as separate adventures. When Meghan’s not making art, you can find her making other things: lesson plans, Italian food, strange vegetarian dishes, or lost somewhere outside: hiking, gardening, writing, foraging, and doodling.

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